Fantasy v/s Mini Fantasy Mode on the Striker App

Published on: Mar 23, 2023

Fantasy cricket enjoys immense popularity around the globe, especially in the Indian subcontinent, primarily because it is home to millions of hardcore cricket fans who love indulging in fantasy cricket games. Doing so allows them to test their cricket-related knowledge, earn exciting rewards, and have a more immersive experience of the sport.

Thanks to the demand for fantasy cricket games, numerous online platforms offer fans the opportunity to play different types of fantasy cricket games and earn top-tier rewards. A fine example of such a platform is Striker. The new fantasy cricket app facilitates users to indulge in two interesting yet different types of fantasy cricket game modes, namely the Fantasy and Mini Fantasy modes.

This article will shed light on both exciting fantasy cricket game modes and list the differences between the two. Let us dive right into it:

Fantasy and Mini Fantasy Modes on the Striker App - A Closer Look

Like all other renowned fantasy cricket platforms, Striker allows fans to indulge in fantasy cricket games via its official application, which is compatible with both iOS and Android. Once a fantasy cricket enthusiast has downloaded and installed the app on their smartphone, they can easily start indulging in fantasy cricket games.

However, unlike other fantasy cricket apps which offer a single game mode, Striker features two distinctive game modes, namely the Fantasy mode and the Mini Fantasy mode. Here is a detailed look at both:

  • Fantasy Mode

The Fantasy game mode on the Striker application is the generic game mode that all fantasy cricket games feature. The primary objective of players in this game mode is creating fantasy cricket teams consisting of real players and scoring the maximum amount of points in virtual matches.

Although the objective seems quite simple, winning matches requires players to use different determining factors sensibly. For example, players need to choose the captain and vice-captain of the virtual team smartly since they are worth plenty of points. In Striker’s Fantasy game mode, instead of using player cards, users get player cards using which they need to create the team.

Moreover, instead of consisting of 11 players as every other fantasy cricket game features, the Fantasy mode features five player cards. Besides using the cards to play fantasy matches, fantasy players can sell them in the marketplace to earn real money.

  • Mini Fantasy Mode

Another exciting fantasy game mode that Striker’s official application features, which sets it apart from the rest of the competition, is Mini Fantasy. The top-notch game mode requires players to pick player cards for match contests. The game requires players to pick the best batsmen, bowlers, or other fantasy performers.

Besides playing with popular player cards, players also get the option to participate in contests and win exciting rewards. In this fantasy game mode, players can pick player cards in different ways, i.e., by buying them, renting them, or using the required ones available in their stash.

Overall, the Mini Fantasy Mode on the Striker app allows cricket fans, especially fantasy cricket enthusiasts, to have a uniquely immersive experience. Since this game mode abstains from generic fantasy game elements, it allows players to experience the sport in a whole new way.

Key Differences Between Fantasy and Mini Fantasy Mode:

Both the Fantasy and Mini Fantasy game modes are a treat for fantasy cricket enthusiasts. Despite being a part of the same application, both game modes are different from each other in numerous aspects. Here is a brief look at some of the most common differences between the two based on two important parameters.

  • Gameplay

In the Fantasy game mode, players need to use cards of cricket players to build virtual teams. This feature adds to the game’s overall appeal. Players need to create virtual teams consisting of five players using player cards. They also get the option to sell cards in the marketplace to earn real money.

Coming to the Mini Fantasy mode, the gameplay is a bit different. In this mode, players are required to pick player cards based on specific questions. Unlike the Fantasy mode, which requires players to create teams, the Fantasy Mini mode requires players to answer questions correctly. Players' winnings are determined by whether their answer is correct or not. Moreover, unlike the Fantasy mode, the Fantasy Mini mode does not follow a leaderboard format.

  • Earning Rewards

In the fantasy game mode, players can earn rewards by creating top-tier virtual cricket teams and earning the maximum points. Besides the generic way of making money by playing fantasy cricket games, the Fantasy mode on the Striker app also allows players to earn money by selling player cards on the platform’s official marketplace.

In the case of the Mini Fantasy mode, all players need to do to earn money is participate in contests and answer the questions related to a real-life match correctly. The more questions players answer correctly, the more rewards they win.

Final Thoughts:

The Striker application is a heaven for fantasy cricket enthusiasts who wish to enjoy their favorite fantasy sport in unique and more immersive ways. The app’s two primary game modes, namely the Fantasy and the Fantasy Mini modes allow players an exceptional fantasy cricket experience, thanks to their distinctive yet unique in-game elements and reward-offering features. To conclude, any die-hard cricket fan who wishes to have a genuinely authentic fantasy cricket experience should try out both game modes to determine their favorite. ttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt